Dawn Chorus? It’s a dawn sympony at Olpejeta’s beautiful Pelican House It would be something of an understatement to call the noise that accompanies daybreak at Pelican House a dawn chorus. Dawn symphony might be more appropriate. As light leaks in through the darkness, all manner of nature, furred, feathered and otherwise covered, seems to salute the sun over the savannah at the top of its vocal range.

Through the diminishing darkness you can see the shapes of buffalo and eland drinking at the dam in front of this elegant, country cottage as you sit with your tea or coffee on the verandah, the best seats in the house for this wildlife show. Forget, for a moment, game drives, inching forward on four wheels for a peek or looking over the safari suited shoulder in front of you. Here you are not outside nature looking in. You are inside nature looking out, and much of it is looking back at you too.

Pelican House is another option in the rich buffet of accommodation options that Ol Pejeta Conservancy offers its thousands of visitors. It has its famed Sweet Waters Tented Camp, the opulent ease of Ol Pejeta House, an intimate bush camp beside the river and Porini Rhino and Kicheche Laikipia camps. All are intimate, well-managed and memorably special, the sort of places you will tell friends about.



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