SWARA magazine is the shop window and the public face of the East African Wildlife Society. Its goal is to inform readers about conservation issues, to reflect what it is doing about them and to be a forum for informed debate.

The magazine – SWARA which means antelope in Swahili – has been through several changes in the six decades of existence. First it was the EAWLS Review and published in conjunction with the Nation Media Group of newspapers. Later it became Africana and in 1978 changed to SWARA.

There is a growing newsstand demand for the magazine in its home base of Nairobi and it is distributed through key supermarket chains, book stores and shops. SWARA is provided freely to the EAWLS membership and so has a strong readership in the United States, Europe and in Africa.

SWARA is aimed at the non-specialist who is interested in safeguarding the natural heritage and the people and animals that live on it. It supports sound and transparent governance and is proud to call itself “The voice of conservation in East Africa.”

Being a Quarterly publication means SWARA can take an in-depth look at both the problems and solutions experienced in 21st century wildlife and habitat management. Its contributors have always been and remain a Who’s Who of the conservation world.

Authors wishing to publish in SWARA are encouraged to download and read the contributor guidelines and send an outline of their story to the editor through this website before embarking on a finished product. Photographs are key to an article’s success and the editors need to see low-resolution photos with the text outline from which to choose artwork for any finished article. Much of SWARA’s photography is top-drawer and EAWLS is proud to be associated with award winning photographers.

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John Nyaga
John Nyaga is the editor of Swara magazine, a publication of the East African Wild Life Society.


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