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Black Rhino Births in Kenya Exceed Number Lost to Poachers – FFI

Nairobi, Oct 18 - Black rhinos are holding their own in Kenya with the number of calves born this year exceeding the number of...

Whale Watching in Watamu: East Africa’s Other Great Migration

Every year, the thundering hooves of wildebeest resound in Kenya’s Masai Mara as over two million gnus (wildebeest) arrive from Tanzania’s Serengeti. Traveling much...

Mau Forest Threatened: A Dam in the woodland not an Option!

The Kenyan population is rising rapidly while important natural resources such as forests that are crucial life support systems are threatened. The constitution stipulates...

Two Notorious Suspects Wanted for Wildlife Crimes Arrested in Malawi

Nairobi, Oct 11 - Two men on the list of eastern Africa’s most wanted suspects for committing wildlife crimes have been arrested in Malawi,...

Church and Conservation: Promising Experiences in Kenya

Nairobi, Oct 9 -There is much (and indeed much more) that can be done in terms of collaboration between the Church and the conservation...

EAWLS Speaks Out against Proposed Dam in South-West Mau Forest

Nairobi, Oct 4 – The East Wild Life Society (EAWLS) today spoke out strongly against a government plan to build a dam along Kipsonoi...

Laos Becomes Fasted Growing Ivory Market – Report

Nairobi, Sept 29 - The Southeast Asian country of Laos is now the fastest growing ivory market in the world with virtually no law...
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