Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Hell’s Gate Needs Tender Loving Care – Not the Love Festival

by Paula Kahumbu Nairobi, Jan 21 - Many people are shocked, as I am, by the approval given to hold two large-scale public events in...

Plans Underway to Transfer Northern White Rhino Embryos to Surrogates

In August 2019, a team of scientists and conservationists broke new ground in saving the northern white rhinoceros from extinction. They harvested eggs from...

Kenya’s Food Security Threatened by Locust Infestation

A desert locust infestation- the worst in 25 years- is spreading through Northern Kenya after wreaking havoc in Somalia and Ethiopia, posing a significant...

Agroforestry Yields Livelihood Improvements for Farmers in Kenya

Nairobi, Jan 9 - Scientists from World Agroforestry (ICRAF) have found modest, yet statistically significant, improvements in the livelihoods of farmers involved with an...

Poaching of elephants, rhinos in Kenya in significant decline

Nairobi, Jan 3 - The poaching of iconic wildlife species in Kenya, including elephants and rhinos, has declined by 90 percent over the past...

Poachers Kill Two Southern White Rhinos in Kenya

Nairobi, Dec 10 – Poachers killed two southern male white rhinos in a wildlife sanctuary in northern Kenya last week, the conservancy said. The privately-owned...

Kenyan Conservationist Helps Rescue Poisoned Endangered Vultures

Nairobi, Nov 19 - A hyena, two Endangered Lappet-faced Vultures, and three Critically Endangered Rüppell’s Vultures died at the scene of an illegal poisoning...
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