NAIROBI, Oct 5 (Swara) – The government of Egypt has announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Coca-Cola, introducing the company as a sponsor for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27) to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh from November 6 to 18.

“It is baffling that Coca-Cola – the world’s biggest plastic polluter in the Break Free From Plastic brand audits (, in different countries including Kenya ( and Uganda ( – will sponsor this year’s UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Egypt,” said John Hocevar, Greenpeace USA Oceans Campaign Director.

“Coca-Cola produces 120 billion throwaway plastic bottles a year – and 99% of plastics are made from fossil fuels, worsening both the plastic and climate crisis. They have yet to even acknowledge that this is a problem or explain how they will meet their climate goals without ending their plastic addiction. This partnership undermines the very objective of the event it seeks to sponsor.

“Cutting plastic production and ending single-use plastic is in line with the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees. If Coca-Cola really wants to solve the plastic and climate crisis, it needs to turn off its plastics tap. Ending Coca-Cola’s addiction to single-use plastic is an important part of moving away from fossil fuels, protecting communities, and combating climate change,” he added.

Source: Greenpeace Africa