Nairobi, Sept 17 – The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will compensate the family of two children killed and five other people mauled by marauding hyenas in a village in the Kinango area of Kwale County in southern Kenya.

The incident occurred on September 14 when a clan of hyenas invaded Baisa village killing two toddlers and severely mauling five other people. Villagers killed one of the hyenas in retaliation. Baisa village is situated about 40 kilometres from Tsavo East National Park where the hyenas are thought to have come from, according to local press reports.

A team from the KWS’ Human-Wildlife Conflict Management unit visited the village and promised to have the affected families compensated under the provisions of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act.

KWS rangers are patrolling the area and have urged the public to report any sighting of straying wildlife to a toll-free telephone number 0800-597-000.