KAMPALA, April 28 (Swara) – Three lionesses – one adult and two sub-adults – have been found dead near the Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda. The animals were apparently electrocuted when they tried to go through an electric fence, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) reported.

The incident happened on April 26 in Kigabu village in Rubirizi District when the lionesses attempted to pass through the electric fence erected next to the Irungu Forest Safari Lodge. The lionesses were trapped between the fence’s live wires, according to local media reports.

The fence was installed in an effort to stop wildlife from straying from the national park into surrounding human settlements.

The eTurboNews website reported that preliminary investigations showed that power had allegedly been tapped directly from transmission lines possibly leading to a high voltage that killed the animals.

A post mortem will be carried out on the carcasses of the lionesses to determine the actual cause of death, UWA said in a press release.