Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Poachers Kill Two Southern White Rhinos in Kenya

Nairobi, Dec 10 – Poachers killed two southern male white rhinos in a wildlife sanctuary in northern Kenya last week, the conservancy said. The privately-owned...

Kenyan Conservationist Helps Rescue Poisoned Endangered Vultures

Nairobi, Nov 19 - A hyena, two Endangered Lappet-faced Vultures, and three Critically Endangered Rüppell’s Vultures died at the scene of an illegal poisoning...

Cassin’s Hawk-Eagle Sighting on Mt Kenya

By Nick Trent Mount Kenya, August 4, 2019 – The Cassin’s Hawk-Eagle, formerly classified as Spizaetus africanus, and more recently as Aquila africanus, is a small but robustly...

Wilding by Isabella Tree (Book Review)

Wilding is about the return of nature to a failing British farm and how gradually the land healed, and the farm began to flourish...

Kenyan Rangers Arrest Suspected Poachers

Nairobi, Oct 24 - The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) today reported that its rangers and the police have arrested two suspected poachers and seized...

Matt, the Celebrated Kenyan Bull Elephant Dies

Nairobi, Oct 24 – One of northern Kenya’s largest elephants has died of natural causes, Save the Elephants charity eported, noting that the tusker,...

The Tragic Death of Teresai, the Bull Elephant of Samburu

Nairobi, Oct 15 - Teresai, the iconic bull elephant of Samburu in northern Kenya died last month when he fell into an abandoned septic...
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