The Chinese government has vowed to proactively engage with Kenyan institutions and local communities to strengthen conservation of wildlife and other ecological treasures,
According to Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa, China will honor its earlier pledges to help Kenya and other African allies conserve their iconic wildlife species.

“Like Kenya, China places a high premium on eco-environmental and wildlife protection. Chinese philosophy and cultural traditions emphasize that nature and humanity are linked,” Liu said.
He added that Beijing is currently working on its 13th five-year plan that roots for pursuit of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development.

Liu noted that China has also enacted sweeping legislation to preserve rare and endangered species.

“We acceded to CITES in 1981 and has signed agreements with Kenya and other countries on wildlife protection,” said the ambassador, adding that China recently supported a comprehensive crackdown on illicit wildlife trade in the east and central African region.

The ambassador disclosed that China has established an international fund for elephant conservation to help African countries strengthen the protection of the iconic mammal.
Chinese President Xi Jinping in his address to the Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit held in Johannesburg in December last year pledged additional support to promote wildlife and ecological conservation in the continent.

Liu noted that lately, China and Kenya have fast-tracked the implementation of joint programs to boost wildlife protection.
“The last couple of years have seen closer cooperation between China and Kenya through joint law enforcement, capacity building and public education to promote the cause of wildlife protection,” said Liu.

He noted that in 2014, Chinese and Kenyan law enforcement agencies busted a criminal gang that was smuggling ivory to the Asian giant.