The Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) has developed an all-weather comprehensive anti-poaching vehicle that could help track and report movement of poachers in real time.

According to Feng Songlin, president of SARI, the technology is unique and holistic as it integrates wireless communication and infrared cameras to help detect and report movement of poachers.
Feng was speaking during a meeting with the Kenya Wildlife Service to explore technical cooperation in the fight against poaching.

The discussions held in Nairobi are meant to advance strategic technical cooperation in wildlife protection.

“We have conducted research on anti-poaching technologies that would be beneficial to Kenya’s wildlife authority,” said Feng, adding that Sino-Kenya partnership in wildlife protection has reached a new level.

As an affiliate of the Chinese Academy Sciences (CAS), SARI has been at the forefront conducting groundbreaking research that can strengthen biodiversity conservation.

Feng said that SARI and other partners have developed state of the art anti-poaching technology that would help revolutionize the war against this menace in Kenya and the eastern African region.
He added that Kenyan and Tanzanian wildlife authorities are keen to acquire the vehicle to halt slaughter of giant mammals for their trophies.