Elephant tusks worth Sh1.5 million were recovered by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers in Kirisia Forest in Samburu Central Sub-County.

The rangers seized the eight pieces of the tusks weighing 15.4kg hidden in a bush near Maralal Town on Saturday.

The officers were acting on a tip-off from the public, KWS Samburu County Warden Richard Lemarket said

According to the warden, there were no suspects arrested during the recovery.

He said that a group of an unknown suspects fled away after hiding the tusks in the bush upon learning that suspicious residents had reported the incident to relevant authorities.

“We don’t have the exact number of suspects but we have three names of suspects that we are using to carry out investigations,” Mr Lemarket said, adding that the seized tusks are in KWS’ custody.

He said the tusks were destined to be sold to some dealers who had travelled to Maralal Town looking for ivory before their plot was exposed.