Nairobi, Jan 29 – The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is investigating the death of three elephants in the Sagala area of Taita-Taveta County on various dates this month. The carcasses of the three pachyderms had their tusks intact, an indication that poaching was not the reason for the killing.

The Sagala area, close to Tsavo National Park, is a human-wildlife conflict hotspot, KWS said in a press release, adding that an initial observation of the carcasses suggested that the cause of death could be “retaliatory poisoning by parties whose identities are yet to be identified.”

“Investigations are […] underway to pinpoint the actual cause of the demise, and to bring the perpetrators to book,” the KWS statement added.

The Service urged communities living adjacent to wildlife parks and reserves not to take the law into their hands and instead report cases of troublesome animals through the toll-free telephone number 0800 597 000.