Nairobi, March 10 – Poachers have killed two rare white giraffes – a female and its calf – at the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy in Kenya’s Garissa County, the Daily Nation reported.

Conservancy manager Mohammed Ahmednoor was quoted as saying that only skeletons of the animals had been found after a long search.

“This is a very sad day for the community of Ijara and Kenya as a whole. Her killing is a blow to the steps taken by the community to conserve rare and unique species and a wake-up call for continued support to conservation efforts,” said Ahmednoor in a statement.

Experts have explained that the white giraffes have a condition known as leucism, which results in the partial loss of the pigmentation of the giraffe’s original colour.

The existence of the mother and calf white giraffes attracted public attention in 2017 when a video of the sighting was shared on social media.