Nairobi, April 29 – A Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) security team has arrested a suspected poacher in possession of an elephant tusk in the Elerai area of Tsavo West National Park.

The tusk is suspected to be one of the two extracted from an elephant that was killed at Losoito inside the park a month ago, KWS said in a press release.

Acting on reliable intelligence, KWS officers backed by security personnel from other agencies, including officials from neighbouring Tanzania, mounted an intensive operation that culminated in the arrest of one Kenyan, Papayo ole Kesoi, who had in his possession a single elephant tusk. The other tusk has not been traced and is suspected to be in the hands of other poachers who may have crossed the border into Tanzania.

KWS said it was confident that Kesoi’s accomplices will be apprehended in due course given the fact that authorities in Tanzania are equally committed to the fight against crimes against wildlife.

KWS’s strategy against poaching and other crimes against wildlife includes raising community awareness, inter-agency collaboration, and intelligence gathering.

Those efforts resulted in zero rhino poaching in Kenya in 2020, the first time that has been the case in about two decades.