Crested Guineafowl. Last reported August 2001.

Great Blue Turaco. Numbers may be declining post-2007, with maybe < 6 birds remaining.

Black-billed Turaco. Last reported 2008.

African Grey Parrot. Last record: 8 birds in 2007.

Sabine’s Spinetail. Last definite record 1992. [Report in 2010 remains unsubstantiated].

Cassin’s Honeybird. Last reported January 2008.

Shining Blue Kingfisher. Last reported 2007.

Blue-headed Bee-eater. Numbers appear to be in decline, with maybe < 10 birds remaining.

Black-and-white Casqued Hornbill. Possibly in decline, with maybe < 25 birds remaining.

Hairy-breasted Barbet. Numbers appear to be in decline, with maybe < 5 birds remaining.

Velvet-mantled Drongo. No records since 1990.

Brown Illadopsis. Last record was from South Nandi Forest in October 2001.

Hyliota. Very few records. Any recordings badly needed. < 10 birds remaining.

Wattle-eyes: THREE species appear to in serious decline (Chestnut, Jameson’s and Yellow-bellied). No records of Yellow-bellied since 2008.

Plain (Cameroun Sombre) Greenbul. No records since 1990.

Meanwhile Little Grey, Slender-billed, Toro Olive and Little greenbuls appear to be declining.

Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher. No records since mid-2012.

Yellow-mantled Weaver. No records since 1972.

Red-headed Malimbe. No records since 2010.

List compiled by Don Turner